About Alan Wizemann, Internet Technologist, Innovator and Entrepreneur.

Since 1998, Alan has been responsible for building the ideas, software and teams behind multi-million dollar start-ups that have helped some of the largest companies in North America. From music to real-estate to commerce, Alan has helped generate billions of dollars of incremental revenue through systematic, innovative agile development of software and services for companies like Target, Amazon, Nike, Levi’s, Sony, Saatchi & Saatchi and over 100 medium to large-scale corporations. With this experience, Alan now focuses on bringing product knowledge, strategy and proven workflows to transform organizations to work smarter and faster, generating significant gains in revenue while saving millions of dollars in the process.

Alan was most recently the first Vice President of Product at Target Corporation after an extended consulting engagement to redefine how technology based products and services could be built using small, agile product teams instead of the traditional waterfall based enterprise development cycles. During his tenure at Target, Alan helped solidify the core strategy, go to market feature set and team of one of the most successful retail applications of all time: Cartwheel. Within 12 months after the launch of the Cartwheel mobile application over 14 million active users generating over $1.5 Billion dollars of sales were realized. During this timeframe, Alan mentored and trained a new leader for Cartwheel internally. After Cartwheel, Alan took over the entire technology product portfolio for Target.com and Mobile, including the Target.com web site, the Target Flagship Mobile Application for both iOS and Android and several smaller mobile applications for both Target’s guests and team members, totaling 16 product teams. With an emphasis on simplification, accessibility, services and speed Alan redefined the overall strategy for all digital platforms and helped propel the full digital transformation of the Target.com and Mobile product organization. Target.com has grown significantly in both revenue and conversion with this new strategy and team structure and it is now paramount to the growth of the Target Corporation. While maintaining this growth, Alan was able to continually reduce the costs of operations across the Target.com and Mobile portfolio by over 15% year over year. While working as the VP of Product, Alan routinely would speak at national and international trade events and conferences about how Target was transforming into a true software company, including the IRCE Conference, Shop.org, MobCon, the NFB Convention and over 50 other events both external and internal.

Before Target, Alan was the Chief Product Officer and Founder one of the pioneering social commerce companies based in Portland, Oregon – ShopIgniter. A venture-backed technology company specializing in a full, socially enabled eCommerce platform for the enterprise, ShopIgniter powered eCommerce and social commerce experiences for over 20 of the Fortune 50 including Target, Amazon, Levi’s, Nike, Sony, Comcast, Toyota and over 100 medium-sized companies like StevenAlan, Kaenon and the Carlisle Group. Alan was responsible for the overall product strategy, user experience, development team and the product’s public evangelism – speaking at some of the largest commerce conferences in the US. During his 6 years with ShopIgniter, Alan individually consulted multiple clients on their overall product and commerce strategies, capabilities and teams. While remaining on the board of directors, Alan left ShopIgniter in 2012. In 2014, ShopIgniter was acquired by Mixpo.

Before ShopIgniter, Alan founded multiple companies across several verticals with each reaching different levels of success including two positive acquisitions. Being a developer by trade, Alan was able to quickly define and build solutions that address multiple problems facing each industry to create solutions for first to market advantages.

Throughout his career, Alan has personally performed and managed multiple disciplines and roles of a modern software organization including: interface and interaction design, user experience, engineering and development, system architecture, service architecture, scrum management, technical requirement writing, software testing, product and engineering management and general / executive management. Alan has experience managing small teams of 3-50 and large, multiple product team organizations over 600 people with up to 15 direct reports. Alan’s specialty is leading large-scale enterprise digital organizations through agile transformations with the productization of ideas and current assets, overall product strategy and road-mapping, user centric experience strategy and design, process and design methodologies for mobile and web applications, innovation strategy with minimum viable product strategy, and agile team creation and orchestration.

To learn more visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanwizemann

Alan can be contacted by emailing alan[at]wizemann[dot]com or on Twitter at @awizemann.