Humor. Wit. Success. Learn from the best. Dropbox.

I love it when a company can find its own voice, especially when that voice has an intelligent wit without offending anyone. This is a tough challenge when you are trying to address a very large market – from single users to the enterprise.


Enter Dropbox. When I first learned about Dropbox, I knew they would be huge (not as huge as they have become). There was a small video making its way around the tubes about the product when it was in closed beta. It was a straight forward presentation, done as a screen share about its ease of use. What made it interesting was its non-scripted nature (even though I bet they worked on it for a while). In the middle of the presentation, the presenter asked someone for a file through an instant message with a reply sent to the tune of “why are you bugging me with this shit”. It was priceless.

Fast forward several years and the wit of Dropbox is still clear – this time in their product. Keep it up guys.

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