An Explosion The Birth of a Startup, Visualized

Recently during a demo Friday at ShopIgniter, our Chief Architect, Sam Keen did an amazing presentation on how some of our architecture is being built. As a developer, I was enthralled with the presentation and how Sam looks at the world and code. As an entrepreneur and founder of ShopIgniter, I was amazed to see just how far things have progressed since I started the company in my home office.

Companies like ours are not as rare as some people think – many are started every day, funded, survive and ultimately exit. What was especially amazing about this presentation though was actually “seeing” the birth of ShopIgniter, from the first check-in of the framework and proof of concept to the continual work of the co-founders as we built out the first version. You can watch the video below…

Although I am no longer writing code for ShopIgniter, I can respect where things are at to create, manage and scale our robust platform.